About Us


Our approach is largely based on quality standards, to name a few:

  • Verification of high and consistent quality of work with measurements, adjustments and performance tests which are properly dimensioned and made it on time.
  • We use and buy only quality products and materials.
  • We will not handover the project to client until we have handover project first to ourselves and when we have checked and ensured the quality of our work.
  • We always take responsibility for our work - even after the project has ended.


We have defined our company values through our operations and customer relationships. These include openness, honesty and customer respect, and these values also share our subcontractors.


Personnel In addition to our own staff, we use subcontractors as partners who know our principles and who have internalized our culture of trust and quality.

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  • Boctok Oy - henkilostö

Thanks to an individual safety plan for each project, the number of occupational accidents at our construction sites is extremely low. We always plan our work on a case-by-case basis to avoid unnecessary work.

We strive to be a fair, supportive and motivating employer. Therefore, we always take into consideration the wishes of our employees, whether it be for education or leisure requests.

In addition to our actual staff, we recruit young people for various jobs and apprenticeships.

Present day and the future

We have always strived to make our work on schedule, with uncompromising quality and thus to become a true HVAC professional.

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The fact that the number of accidents at work on our construction sites is extremely low is also evidence of our expertise. The most important feature that unites our employees has always been their passion for work and its quality.

When we make an offer calculation, we do not compromise on individual costs – such as material costs – if they have the least impact on the quality of our work. Nor do we get involved in projects where we clearly see that our resources will not be sufficient to manage them properly.

Due to our uncompromising attitude and well-calculated conceptual plans, we have been involved in many interesting projects. Such projects have included for e.g. HVAC construction works on the E-building of the Finnish Parliament Building and its temporary facilities as well as plumbing, ventilation and electrical works at the Järvenpää Logistics Center of Lidl.

We also want to continue to be involved in projects that require dedication to project itself and precision and diligence for the actual work.



Since 1992, over 100 completed projects in Finland and Russia.

Since 1992, over 100 completed projects in Finland and Russia.
Our first job was the Headquarters of McDonald’s chain of restaurants in Moscow. Some of our largest jobs there were military village projects in Mulino and Novo-Smolino, where over 1000 apartments were built. Boctok also executed a few independent main contracts, for instance, the HVAC-works for the British Embassy in Russia.

After the collapse of Russian currency in August 1998 the amounts of contracts, involving Finnish contract builders, diminished drastically. Some projects, still in progress, were frozen lacking financing. At the same time, the bidding competitions for main contracts and the ways of their execution changed not in favour of the Finnish constructing companies, forcing them to regroup their activities in Russia. On the edge of the Millennium, the home market in Finland started to revive, and Boctok Oy got some positive signals from its clients and partners, pointing out, that capable HVAC-professionals were needed in Finland as well.

Autumn 2001 brought us our first subcontract in Finland.

Our activities in Finland started with installation jobs and developed gradually into full-scaled main contracts in HVAC-works. For a couple of years Boctok worked both in Russia and in Finland, but for the present being, we have concentrated all our efforts to works in Finland. In summer 2003, we successfully completed our currently last export project.